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At Personity, your needs always come first. That is why we have the best coaching services available in the Latin American market, you don't have to spend a lot of money to land the perfect job, it is just a matter of learning how to focus the search with the best tools and strategies to build the perfect personal brand for yourself. 

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Monica is a professional career coach. She has provided me the knowledge and tools to update my professional profile. She is well organized and has coached step by step; her advice is well supported. I recommend Monica to any professional that wants to update his profile & resume and wants to learn how to optimize electronic platforms such as LinkedIn.

We've been a client of Mónica for over a year and can tell that beyond her wide professional virtues, she has two outlier skills: clear strategic understanding of the business and its HR needs + sniper aim for candidate selection and filtering.

Monica is one my favorite entrepreneurs, she has been able to project all the knowledge of her career and create something unique that besides being very useful for companies like mine, also adds efficient technological value for her candidates and clients. Also she's very smart and persistent person, that gets what she wants and has a very clear vision how to get there.

I highly recommend Monica as a Coach. I consider that her structure, direct and practical style makes her an extremely professional person. It is important to recognize when you are not an expert on certain topics and surround yourself with someone who is, this can make all the difference in our search process. In my case, Monica has been the perfect dumbbell to define my personal brand, provide me with tools to achieve it and accompany me in a timely and effective manner in the process.

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Everything you need to know about Resumes, Interviews, LinkedIn, Networking, applying to Job Posts, Career Coaching, Personal Branding, Networking, Negotiate Salaries, create al Elevator Pitch, what to expect from Headhunters, what to avoid in an Interview, what to do with Unemployment gaps, everything you need to know and what to expect when you are in a job hunt... new videos coming soon!

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Certifications qualify professionals to administer  assessments, tools, interpretation techniques among others to provide and analyze data at a deeper level and extract maximum interpretive value.

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