This LinkedIn workshop is a practical course where you will learn how to apply personal marketing techniques and business marketing in the largest and most important social network for professionals in the world.

LinkedIn offers one of the best opportunities to increase your visibility and credibility and allows you to stay connected to a large network and contacts.


The LinkedIn Workshop offered by Personity®, will teach you step by step how to create a profile of success and, most importantly, how to build a well-structured network of professional relationships to achieve your individual and business professional goals from now on.

 Why should I have a good LinkedIn profile updated?

• How does LinkedIn work?

• What requirements does a good profile contain?

• How do I increase my presence on LinkedIn?

• How to build a network on LinkedIn?

• How do I write a good invitation to connect?

• How do I respond to invitations to connect?

• How can I use LinkedIn to reach my goals faster?

• How can I make a difference by applying for a job among other candidates?

• How to create professional connections of any kind and sector?

• How to create a company profile where I can promote my products or services?

• How to directly contact professionals of all levels?

• How to post job offers?

• How to find suppliers, customers and / or future employees?

• How to create new business opportunities?

• How to improve the image  by exchanging opinions, participating in debates and forums?

• How to open a new route to get traffic to your site?

• How to interconnect with other social networks or our website?

• How to publish events such as courses, seminars, conferences, etc.?

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