Step 6 - Recruitment Process Mentoring

30-minute calls as needed

    Prepare before an Interview Advice  –  First impressions are much more important than we give credit to, getting ready for an interview is a process that can be stressful and full of uncertainties. Our coachees can schedule extra calls to get the best advice and instructions on how to get ready and secure.  

    How to follow up with companies – As painful as it can be, recruiting processes sometimes take a few months to get filled. Patience is something we need to work during the job hunt, but there are a lot of recommendations we can provide in order to follow-up on processes without being  'blocked' and sent to 'spam', or showing a 'lack of interest'.

    Negotiate Salary and Benefits – Do you know your value on the market? What should your annual compensation should be, what could you negotiate, have you consider every detail before accepting an offer and resigning your job? What are the long term benefits you could get? Will help you make the best choice!

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