Step 2 - Interview Coaching

3-hour work approximately

    Interview Techniques –  So, tell me a little about yourself.” Preparing for an interview might seem intimidating, but there are several steps you can take to prepare yourself for a successful interview. The concept of "Storytelling" has been very successful in many areas and recruitment is not the exception; getting people to notice your experience through the STAR method will create great impact on recruiters and hiring managers. 

    Elevator Pitch – A job interview elevator pitch is a concise breakdown of yourself. From phone screening to an interview or a networking event, you’ll be asked to provide a summary of who you are, your background or what you want from your next job as well as what makes you different from others.

    Final Interview Review – Even though time will help you become an expert on an interview process, we will reassure that the information, process, methodology, attitude, dress code, body language, managing uncomfortable questions, follow up resources among many others will be covered in this step. 

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