You get food coma at work?

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Monday morning, the alarm sets at 6:00 am, I am already late and have an important meeting, I take a shower, get dressed and leave as soon as possible to arrive on time. Stuck in rush hour traffic for a while I finally arrive.


I turn on the computer, see if there is anything missing for the presentation, I make some corrections, and leave to the meeting room as fast as I can. Ops, I had absolutely nothing for breakfast and it is already 9:00 am and who knows when the meeting will end today. Coffee will help me get through it.


After a few minutes in the meeting I start feeling dizzy, it is hard for me to focus, they brought cookies, so I take a few and keep drinking coffee.


It is 1 pm and we’re still here; I can only think about lunch time… Finally, we have 1 hour before the next meeting, I rush to the dinner, huge line and I’m starving, I decide to make it easier and go to the fast food area and order a hamburger with a diet soda and my chai latte. I finished and rushed back to the office.


I get in my office, sit down and after a few minutes I feel  tremendously heavy, sleepy, and unable to concentrate even for a little while. All I can think is I should not have that hamburger and I should not have eaten that fast, once again I’m doing this wrong.


Does it sound familiar to you? Do you know what is happening to your body? This is what happens after working for a while without eating and then feeding your body with unhealthy food, this is what it is called “Postprandial somnolence”, colloquially known as the itis, food coma.


When our digestion starts, our body requires all its energy which decreases blood flow to the brain and makes us sleepy. There is a hormone (orexin) responsible for regulating sleep cycles and keeping us awake, but this hormone is affected by a diet rich in sugars and excess fats. Therefore, we always recommend consuming a correct diet .


  •  Include protein in your meals
  •  Walk for 10 or 15 minutes after lunch and exercise regularly.
  •  Eat without haste, chew at least 15 times each bite and thus avoid overeating.
  •  Hydrate during the day, drink at least 2 liters of water a day.


Your health is the most important thing to consider, avoid bad habits.

Written by: AC-Plan


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