LOVE AT WORK: stress and guaranteed failure

Mon, August 03, 2020 05:25 PM Comment(s) By Personity

Every day the world seems increasingly complicated, the demands become incessant, you have to sell more, charge less to get customers and the rising dollar threatens to drive us crazy, at the end of the working day you are totally fed up with the day that just happened and all you want is to disconnect from the routine.


The work itself at times is difficult to cope, sadly we are slowly becoming a society that needs to constantly prove its value, from the external and the material, from what you have is what you are worth as a human being, without a doubt this is a common mistake that is very difficult to get out of, taking into account these intrinsic demands on the world of work, if we add factors to this equation it can become extremely intolerable to be in the office.


One of these factors that can put your emotional stability at risk lies in establishing loving relationships in the office, it is common for you to spend more time between those four walls or in the car than at home, so the idea of ​​establishing love relationships can sound tempting, but you have to be very careful because it can be a maze from which you will hardly be victorious.


Couple is synonymous of two, that is, two people who intend to share their world, their fears and their achievements, so the first problem of emotionally approaching that person who you find attractive in the opposite cubicle is transforming the couple of two in one, the stories will become the same and the anecdotes that enrich a couple will tend to become monotonous, adding even more routine to what is already routine.


The emotional exhaustion is such that it is proven that most couples who start in the workplace end violently and aggressively, so the place where you develop professionally in a resounding way becomes a battlefield.


There are moments for everything, to be able to work and also to be able to fall in love, it is important not to combine the two worlds and that when you leave work you can meet your partner, share your world and allow yourself to share yours, to enrich yourself and not be emotionally impoverished .

Author: Emmanuel Justo from Vía Inconsciente

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