Is your Resume stuck in the 90's?

Sun, April 05, 2020 08:12 PM Comment(s) By Personity

Another year ends, it leaves with achievements and successes as well as issues that were pending. It's time to make your New Year's resolutions list. Don't forget to add "a better job position" to your list, or "better job elsewhere" as you prefer. This job hunt process has a series of requirements and today I am going to help you with essential tips to succeed in the process.


A Resume is your first presentation/impression, it is the key tool to open the doors to job searching. Good writing, easy-to-read structure, and a good presentation are the keys to success.


Stay up-do-date, I doesn’t matter if you are not looking for a job, it is important to be visible and accessible in the market, "you never know when they will offer the job position of your dreams", so do not just make or update your Resume when your situation is already complicated.


KEY points:


  1.  Write your Resume on Word, we all have a frustrated "graphic designer" inside us who gets creative in the making but complicates the reading for the recruiter. Leave your creativity for the One-Pager.
  2. Don’t forget to put your personal information, full name, cell phone, email and the area or city of residence. Nothing else is necessary!
  3. Your professional experience is the most important thing in your career, so sit back and focus, we are going to write a Resume in detail. As a recruiter, I am interested in knowing not only the name of the company but the industry, I cannot guess if the company is not a big brand.
  4. Write down the specific Title of your position.
  5. What are your main responsibilities? Be specific, I want you to go deeper…
  6. What are your main achievements? Be objective, use numbers, give me percentages, sales figures, cost reduction, new projects and launches.
  7. Don’t forget to write correct dates for each position, including the month and the year.
  8. Mention your educational background, could be your bachelor, master and PhD. Where did you study it and in what year did you graduate?
  9. Have you taken courses relevant to your professional career? Help me understand the courses you have taken that adds value for the position you aspire to.
  10. Do not forget to mention the languages ​​you speak, and please, do not give me percentages, simplify, you speak native, fluent, advanced, intermediate or basic.


Don’t make up things just to fill out spaces, be yourself, be careful of your grammar and spelling, remember, this is the first presentation of your persona and you shouldn’t get any errors.


Be professional, a friendly font can help recruiters read your Resume easily.


For years we have heard the myth: "The length of a Resume should not exceed one page". It is true that recruiters receive thousands of Resumes daily per position and do not have much time to study each one in detail, however, an incomplete one is not a good for yourself either. If your professional experience is more than 5 years long, it is understandable and normal that one sheet is not enough to summarize what you have done in your career.


Grab the computer and start typing, make it one of your New Year's resolutions!

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