How to stay at TOP OF MIND

Fri, July 05, 2019 04:40 PM Comment(s) By Personity

If you are searching for a job, this should occupy your # 1 priority of the day, but more often than we’d like people forget that this is not the priority of others (companies, friends and family) and that they might forget to contact you whenever there is a job opening. This is why it is very important to be on the spot all the time, it doesn’t matter if you have a job or not, if you are open to new opportunities or not, or even if you are happy in your actual job or not. Just remember that happiness in that position will not last forever!

4 important things you should consider to maintain your experience on the Top of Mind:

1.  Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, being the # 1 tool in recruitment also in a very important source for commercial purposes. No matter what your goal is, do not leave it outdated in professional experience or your email or your cell phone. Where would they contact you if they needed you?

2.  Create a habit of logging in at least once a week, you will always have new private messages and new invitations to your network, you can lose a great opportunity you weren’t looking for, there is always something better than what you have.

3.  Be assertive with the type of publications you share, like or comment, it is important that people identify you as an expert in both industry and a functional area. It's not Facebook! Be professional and do not fill your home page with junk messages.

4.  Join groups according to your profile, LinkedIn is not a database, it's a Networking platform!


Some of you constantly reject invitations for recruitment processes, be open and send your information even if you are not interested in a change, you never know when will your work situation change and you might be losing opportunities that might not come back any time soon.

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