HEADHUNTING: Let the cobbler stick to his last

Mon, August 03, 2020 05:42 PM Comment(s) By Personity

Have you ever been in a recruiting process where you feel unconsidered by the person who contacted you at the beginning? It is not a secret that in a recruitment process, recruiters have been stigmatized of insensible, incomprehensible and inhuman, but what is behind this terrible problem in the communication between a company and a candidate, or company-headhunter-candidate?

I love my job, I have worked as a headhunter for the last 10 years and it is one of the greatest and most satisfactory jobs I know, but what makes it so rewarding for me and so awful for others?

We need to understand that every company has their own core business, but every company works with people, people with families, social lives, feelings and emotions, problems, beliefs, personalities, hobbies, among many other things that have a direct effect on them 24/7/365.

Being a headhunter is not just about getting a larger placement fee, the fastest and the easiest way, like most of the firms usually focus on. Being a headhunter is about understanding the companies needs, culture, team personalities, personal and professional goals and objectives, what hurts the most in order to recruit the perfect candidate. Having a job description is not enough, with Artificial Intelligence we can screen hundreds of thousands of databases and find resumes to fit a job description, but my job as a headhunter is much more than that.

The fundamental elements of my success in a Headhunting search process will be in the way I relate to my candidates, they might not be the ones paying for my fees, but they will be responsible of completing the process with satisfaction in both sides, company and candidate. The personal attention and preparation they receive from me is essential to the process. Most of the times, the candidates are perfect for the position, and I know because I have interviewed thousands of people we just build this intuition, they don’t know how to express and share the information to the hiring managers in the best way possible. It’s not their fault, for example, a IT Manager could be the best IT manager in the industry, with the best technical skills and competences needed in the company, but they might be clueless on how to express them to a human resources manager or to a headhunter o to a sales manager. It is my responsibility to offer the best tools to the candidate in order to have a successful interview and feel confident.

It is also my responsibility to coach the hiring manager in the company on how to approach the candidate, personalities and biases can block and ruin a recruiting process completely, it’s my responsibility to mediate between 2 people before and after the interviews.

Let the cobbler stick to his last; hiring managers are not supposed to be experts in doing interviews, and candidates are not supposed to be experts on being interviewed… they are experts on finance, sales, marketing, IT, legal, etc. But as a headhunter I am an expert of the interview process and it is my responsibility to help everyone involved have a successful, interesting and satisfying process. My fundamentals are not things, are people, so treating candidates as I want to be treated is my personal and professional motto. We all make mistakes, we are all human, but we, as doctors, psychologists and other professions have an additional responsibility on our hands, it's the profession we chose. 

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