Tired of Employment databases?

Tue, July 16, 2019 10:12 AM Comment(s) By Personity

You’re right, it’s horrible to be uploading your information in every employment database over and over again, headhunters, recruiting agencies, companies with HR software, applying to a new job, every time is tiring and sometimes you rather stop doing it than continue to apply and achieve your goal. On top of everything, you also need your LinkedIn Profile updated.


Many platforms and companies have already Artificial Intelligence doing this for you from your LinkedIn Profile or from a word file with a Parser Mapping, but not every company has the budget to have this terrific software’s yet.


Why is it so important to recruiters to have everything in detail?


1.  There are many great software’s that will help recruiters find your information and match it perfectly to a job opening, if they have your responsibilities, main achievements, educational experience among other things, your profile will pop up and let the recruiter know you are a good match for the position.

2.  If your information is complete, you will be a priority for recruiters on the first phone screening filter or job interview

3.  Your personal information such as an email and a mobile phone is indispensable, you have no idea how many resumes arrive without that information updated and we cannot reach that person.


There is a funny thing many ask at the end, after filling all the modules, they ask you to upload your resume in a Word or PDF file anyway, you might think that is ridiculous, but, this is just to have a backup in case some of the information you have in your resume is still very important to know, but there were no modules to type it in.


This is tedious when you don’t have all this information at hand, neither on your resume or your LinkedIn profile (BTW they should be exactly the same), so preparing your resume should be the most important thing to do before even applying to a job or sending your resume everywhere.


Do not allow laziness to sabotage your professional growth, let us know if you need any assistance.

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